[mythtv-users] Scheduler mythdb.cpp:192 (DBError) - DB Error (AddNewRecords):

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Mon Dec 19 15:10:59 UTC 2011

My (master) BE is failing to schedule.  I see the following error in my
BE log:

2011-12-19 10:07:44.289620 E [8145/8172] Scheduler mythdb.cpp:192 (DBError) - DB Error (AddNewRecords):
Query was:
SELECT     c.chanid,         c.sourceid,           p.starttime,           p.endtime,        p.title,              p.subtitle,            p.description,    c.channum,            c.callsign,            c.name,           oldrecduplicate,      p.category,            sched_temp_record.recpriority, sched_temp_record.dupin,   recduplicate,          findduplicate,    sched_temp_record.type,        sched_temp_record.recordid,     p.starttime - INTERVAL sched_temp_record.startoffset     minute AS recstartts,     p.endtime + INTERVAL sched_temp_record.endoffset     minute AS recendts,                                             p.previouslyshown,     sched_temp_record.recgroup, sched_temp_record.dupmethod,  c.commmethod,          capturecard.cardid, cardinput.cardinputid,p.seriesid,          p.programid,       sched_temp_record.inetref,    p.category_type,       p.airdate,         p.stars,             p.originalairdate,     sched_temp_record.inactive, sched_temp_record.parentid,(CASE sc
hed_temp_record.type   WHEN 6    THEN sched_temp_record.findid   WHEN 9    THEN to_days(date_sub(p.starttime, interval                 time_format(sched_temp_record.findtime, '%H:%i') hour_minute))   WHEN 10    THEN floor((to_days(date_sub(p.starttime, interval                time_format(sched_temp_record.findtime, '%H:%i') hour_minute)) -                sched_temp_record.findday)/7) * 7 + sched_temp_record.findday   WHEN 7    THEN sched_temp_record.findid   ELSE 0  END) ,      sched_temp_record.playgroup, oldrecstatus.recstatus,     oldrecstatus.reactivate, p.videoprop+0,         p.subtitletypes+0, p.audioprop+0,   sched_temp_record.storagegroup,     capturecard.hostname, recordmatch.oldrecstatus,                                            sched_temp_record.avg_delay,     oldrecstatus.future, c.recpriority + cardinput.recpriority + (cardinput.cardinputid = sched_temp_record.prefinput) *

At the same time my msql error log reports:

111219 10:07:44 [ERROR] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Incorrect key file for table '/var/tmp/#sql_1f12_0.MYI'; try to repair it

So clearly something is wrong, but how do I chase it down further.
What is this mysql file doing in /var/tmp and why should/could it
need repairing?  There is of course no indication what table really
needs repairing.


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