[mythtv-users] HDHR + Over the Air + Sony Network Media Player + Buffalo NAS

Jeff Tucker jefftucker at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 03:54:14 UTC 2011


I have a different Sony Blu Ray Disc player and I also read that ticket when
I was setting mine up.  It was over my head and I didn't know where to
begin, but I also found out that my particular Blu-Ray Player would only
play SD content over the network.  In fact it needed to be a MPEG-2 TS with
480p to work smoothly.  Since This was acceptable to me I just started
transcoding everything to that format, running mythlink to 'pretty' the
names (and folders) and serving the 'links' folder up to the Sony via


If you figure something out though that will help with that ticket and get
the player 'seeing' myth directly, then please post back. I am interested
and I have seen at least one other post on the subject recently too. 




Sounds like you and I have a similar setup. I have been noticing that
minidlna doesn't seem to be updating quick enough, or not at all, to display
newer folders/videos on the media player.



So basically I recorded a TV episode and once it completed its recording I
ran mythlink.pl to create the organized/readable links. MiniDLNA is running
so I assumed that it would have updated itself with the newest


I assumed that the notify_interval basically configured the server to notify
the media player of any changes. It was 900 seconds but I set to 60 seconds
to see if it would update.


The only way I got it to update was to restart my MythBuntu machine.


What am I missing here?


Are you using the User Jobs to transcode and link the videos? I have some
sudo calls to mythlink.pl and the removecommercial.sh in User Job 1 and 2
but they both fail. I can run the mythlink.pl script from command line
without issues. What is the trick for these to work?


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