[mythtv-users] anyone using percona instead of mysql (stock)?

Ramin K ramin-list at badapple.net
Thu Dec 15 20:48:43 UTC 2011

On 12/15/2011 6:26 AM, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> I wonder if anyone is using Percona instead of the vanilla mysql for the
> performance boost it's ExtraDB (InnoDB with performance enhancements)
> implementation.
> Specifically, has anyone upgraded to percona using percona's Ubuntu
> Lucid repository?  Were there any gotchas?

	Nearly all the Percona work is gear towards higher concurrency. 
Concurrency is most likely not your problem on a standard MythTV 
install. It would be worth your time to track down the my-medium.cnf or 
my-large.cnf included with your Mysql install if your Mysql server is 
running slowly. The standard my.cnf is usually geared towards 64MB or 
less of RAM for Mysql.


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