[mythtv-users] Install Mythbuntu with RAID 1 (Software)

Ziegaus Matthias beaver4ever at gmx.de
Thu Dec 15 02:08:27 UTC 2011

> I expect he's talking about using software mirroring for his OS disk,
> which would most easily be set up during installation.  Most seem to
> discourage recording to ones OS disk.  Besides which, mirrors are fine
> for recordings, if you're OK with the lack of space.  We tell people not
> to bother striping or spanning multiple disks to make one large
> partition to record to.

Well, the setup i have are 2 x  1 TB Hdd.
And i wanted to mirror 1 to the other.
So i would end up having the OS and the recordings on the same hdds.
I would use different partitions if that does work with RAID.

After all if i get a third hdd for the os i might end up with an
unfunctional system if the OS HDD  crashes.
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