[mythtv-users] Slow when entering "Watch Recordings" Screen - Probably not fanart related for me

A McDermott list at mcdermotts.ca
Sun Dec 11 16:28:56 UTC 2011

I have a strange theme problem.  I am using 0.25 head, and Mythbuntu
theme.  When entering the "Watch Recordings" screen it can take 15 or more
seconds for the screen to appear with data, and when moving from show to
show, or returning to the "watch recordings" screen after watching a show,
long (5 to 10 second) delays can also be incurred.

I have seen references to themes with fanart enabled causing this problem,
so I tried changing themes (to mythcenter-wide) and that sped things up
perfectly... However - and here is the strange part - if I switch batch to
mythbuntu theme, it also runs quickly - just as quickly as non-fanart
enabled themes.  Restarting the frontend, causes the delay to return, but
if I switch themes to mythcenter-wide and back everything speeds up again.

Does anyone have suggestions as to what could be causing this?
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