[mythtv-users] Coming back to Myth : a few questions

Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Sat Dec 10 13:54:53 UTC 2011

Simon Waldman wrote:
> 2. Unlike last time, I now have a 1080p TV available, so I'm
> thinking
> about HD. I'm in the UK, on freeview. I was using (and will continue
> to use) a Nova-T dual tuner USB stick for SD. My understanding is
> that
> at present there is one, and only one, USB stick that can receive
> DVB-T2 and works in Linux (a Hauppage one) and that it requires a
> 3.x
> kernel. Am I right about this? Are there any low-hassle distros that
> are using 3.x as yet?

There are a couple of devices available for DVB-T2 now. I use a pctv
nanoStick T2, which works fine, even with an older kernel. There's a
bit of software to download and install, but it's easy to do and
well documented on the website.

> 3. Related to the above: When I was doing this stuff before, I
> remember concern about the BBC encrypting some part of their HD
> streams that was essential to view them (although not the video or
> audio itself). Has this gone away, or is there a risk that if I
> spend
> money on a HD tuner stick they may go and encrypt it all in a few
> months time and lock me out?

There's talk of them encrypting the EPG part of the transmission,
which may be an issue with set-top boxes, but if you get your
listings via the Radio Times XMLTV feed, then this shouldn't be an
issue. I get my radio listings via the EPG, and a few other channels
that RT doesn't carry, but since I have other DVB-T tuners in the
setup as well, they will be fine to get EPG data over the air for
the channels that I need.
Mike Holden

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