[mythtv-users] stop recording after 30 minutes no matter what EPG says

Karl Dietz dekarl at spaetfruehstuecken.org
Sat Dec 10 09:07:35 UTC 2011

On 10.12.2011 09:39, barbex wrote:
> Here in germany we have a strange setup that some channels are shared.

Time sharing a channel is common outside of Germany, too :)

> So for instance the channel is called Nick during the day and in the
> evening after 8 o'clock it is called ComedyCentral. In the EPG I have
> two entries for the channels. The data I get for the EPG sets the last
> show on Nick like it would run all night till 5:45 when Nick starts
> again.

You have multiple options
a) fix your guide by adding an explicit stop time on the last programme
b) fix your guide by combining the two stations into one channel with
    the proper time sharing.
c) look at my guide and use the channels from there, I do b) but only
    carry channels I care for. Basically restricted to public broadcasters
    with some private thrown in. (due to them restricting access to
    their guide data, either completely "no recorders wanted" or via the
    VGMedia license fee for their synopsis)

> Now I want to record that last show but I don't want to record all
> night of course. Is there a way to tell MythTV to record a show for 30
> minutes and then stop no matter what the EPG sets as end-time?

please don't do that and fix your guide instead, it is a complete waste
of time.

for option c) look at http://xmltv.spaetfruehstuecken.org/xmltv/


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