[mythtv-users] Squeezeslave prevents audio in .24

EJS ejshoor at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 9 06:14:56 UTC 2011

On 18 November 2010 10:25, Greg Oliver <oliver.greg [at] gmail> wrote: 
> You can also setup mythtv and squeezesoft to both use the same dmix 
> plugin in alsa.  There should be quite a bit of info out there on 
> setting up dmix. 

I know Im a bit late to the game on this topic, but could someone help me to set this up with myth?  I think I have configured dmix correctly  and I've tested that a few different squeezeslaves can run concurrently, but Myth always still seems to require exclusive use:
ALSA, Error: snd_pcm_open("default"): Device or resource busy

Her is my asoundrc:
pcm.!default            { type                  plug;
                          slave.pcm             "dmix0"; }
ctl.!default            { type hw; card 0; device 3; }

pcm.dsp0                { type                  plug;
                          slave.pcm             "dmix0"; }
ctl.dsp0                { type hw; card 0; device 3; }
ctl.mixer0              { type hw; card 0; device 3; }

pcm.dmix0               { type                  dmix;
                          ipc_key               13759;

                          slave.pcm             "hw:0,3";
                          slave.channels        2;

                          slave.rate            48000;
                          slave.period_size     4096;
                          slave.buffer_size     16384;

                          slave.period_time     84000;
                          slave.buffer_time     340000;

                          # Map only the first two channels
                          bindings.0            0;
                          bindings.1            1; }

And the relevant settings in Myth:
Audio Output Device: ALSA:default
Mixer Device: ALSA:default
Mixer Controls:PCM

If anyone knows what I'm missing, I'd greatly appreciate it! I've been staring at this forever.

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