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On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 10:50 AM, Marc Tousignant <myrdhn at gmail.com> wrote:

For several years now I have used Andrew Ruthven's mythtv-status script to
generate an hourly MOTD that tells me the current state of myth whenever I
SSH into my backend. It is a script that reads the XML generated by the
backend and formats it for the MOTD. 

Since I just upgraded to 0.25 it has stopped working. I know why, the XML
location has changed or its not provided. 

I can still access the old status page via the webpage at localhost:6544 by
going to Information > Backend Status or
localhost:6544/Status/GetStatusHTML. But how can I access the XML for the
script? Does it even still exist?



Remove the "HTML" part. 


Thanks Robert. I tried changing it to XML and gave up lol



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