[mythtv-users] Fedora users - possible future problems

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Dec 2 11:57:15 UTC 2011

I happened across this, and thought to bring it to our attention. I know there 
are many Fedora users here. I personally do not use Fedora so am not /directly/ 
affected by the proposed changes. Hoever, I understand that 0.25 will use syslog 
and that /will/ be affected if this goes through.


Gah! Sorry about the horrible website.

For the record I currently use Mandriva - which is based on Red Hat (though I 
don't know which product) - and that uses rsyslog with which I am happy. I am 
going off Mandriva though, as it brings in all the Gnome 3 bloat etc. I'll 
probably move somewhere else next year. That's a rant for another time, though.


Mike Perkins

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