[mythtv-users] Newbie

Jarl Friis jarl at softace.dk
Fri Dec 2 08:07:20 UTC 2011

Dear MythTV users.

I am new on the list. New to MythTV, and I have plans to create my
personal Mediacenter using MythTV. I am not new to sotware development

So I got some questions (request for recommendation):
I need a backend. Is that just a plain PC with some of the capture
equipment mentioned on the wiki?
I need a front end. Any good recommendation? It is probably going to
be vissible in the TV room, so it would be nice with a reasonable
design and low power consumption and low noise here, right?

How are things supposed to be connected? Is video being transfered
from backend to frontend over LAN/ethernet or by HDMI or something

What about from frontend to TV? Is that going to be LAN as well or HDMI?

Can someone please get me started?


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