[mythtv-users] What is everyone using for IR Receivers ?

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>         Subject: [mythtv-users] What is everyone using for IR Receivers ?
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>         I need a bunch of IR receivers for my front end boxes.  What
>         is everyone using ?
>         Thanks !
>         I have no idea why people automatically just  think IR. Just a
>         sugestion... Use radio frequency remotes instead.
>         Its a massive advantage that you don't need the mythtv box in
>         line-of-sight, (you can put it in a cupboard or entertainment
>         center with a door or whatever).
>         you also dont need to point your remote when you use it, and
>         it can work from anywhere in the house which is especially
>         great if youre listening to mythmusic.
>         I used this for a long time:
>         http://www.snapstream.com/products/firefly/ It was perfect as
>         a mythtv remote.
>         Now I use an learning remote with X10 from X10.com just so I
>         dont need multiple remotes. The PC end is a  CM-19a (usb X10
>         tranceiver ). Cost of remote & tranceiver together was about $50.
>         I can control my mythTV, stereo, any anything else I want to
>         setup with X10 such as  home lights from 1 remote. Not that I
>         have bothered to set it up, but as the CM-19a is actually an
>         X10 transceiver my mythtv box technically could directly
>         control stuff like lights, burglar alarms etc too.
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> I would say cost would be the biggest reason for not going RF.  The 
> second might be lack available frequencies for this type of device.  I 
> have six frontends which would cost $300 and require six different RFs.

I use several of this URC RF20 remote, which you can find pretty cheaply 
on eBay:


with a single RF receiver pointed at a USB-UIRT2, which is connected to 
the server. Each frontend talks to the server and gets its kepresses via 

Each frontend is assigned a "device" name on the remote, and all remotes 
are programmed identically. This means that you can swap out the remote 
in a particular room by just choosing a different device.

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