[mythtv-users] alternate audio input? (radioSHARK)

Josh Rosenberg mythtv at desh.info
Tue Aug 30 14:46:43 UTC 2011

Hi, folks.  Question for you about alternate audio inputs.

I have a radioSHARK on my server, which is a USB device that can tune
AM and FM radio.  It's available to ALSA.  I would like to
occasionally use the input from the radioSHARK for a recording instead
of the usual input.  (I like the radio announcers for my local sports
teams more than the TV ones.)  Is this possible?  And, for extra
credit, would it be possible to use the input after it's processed
through something like sox?  Perhaps it's possible to create a fake
capture card using one of my tuners for video but something else for

My current setup is a single combined FE/BE with an HDHR (the old
non-prime dual model) as the only tuner.  There's no point in my setup
where audio and video are transmitted through separate cables.

Thanks for your help!


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