[mythtv-users] MySQL related BE deadlocks - collective wisdom needed

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue Aug 30 14:09:36 UTC 2011

On 11-08-30 09:59 AM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Out of curiosity--especially for the 0.24-fixes users, but also for 
> those using master--how do those of you who are experiencing DB issues 
> have your database configured?

FWIW, I'm now a(n initially reluctant, but now satisfied with) master
user using a build with the fixes applied.

> 1) Is your mysqld server running on the same host as the master 
> mythbackend server?


> 2) If so, what did you specify for the DBHostName on your master 
> mythbackend server's config.xml/mysql.txt file(s)?

OK.  So given that my backend runs as the user "mythtv":

mythtv    1588  1586  2 Aug15 ?        08:03:22 /usr/bin/mythbackend
--logfile /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log --user mythtv

I'm going to assume you are interested in

My config.xml is empty and mysql.txt has:

$ grep DBHostName ~mythtv/.mythtv/mysql.txt

I would hope that would be using the most performant and reliable
communication mechanism available.

> Because of this, I recommend a) running the mysqld server on the master 
> backend host and b) using localhost for the DBHostName in the 
> config.xml/mysql.txt for the master backend host, only.

Already doing so (and have been forever).


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