[mythtv-users] Replay TV H/W - Any value?

Les Noland lnoland at xnet.com
Tue Aug 30 04:00:06 UTC 2011

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On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 5:37 PM, John A. Russo <john at russo.net> wrote:
> I have two old Replay TV boxes, model 5516 and 5060.  At least one has
> the old one-button commercial skipping feature they were forced to
> remove in later revisions.
> I have been keeping them around in case they might be useful in some
> form for Myth TV.
> Before I toss them, does anyone know if there is a use for them?  Are
> they worth hanging on to?

Howdy John,

Does it see the mythtv server via UPnP / DLNA?  If so, maybe it could
be used as a media viewer if you had spare TV's.  Wouldn't have a nice
gui, but you could navigate to stuff.

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John -

There's still a fair number of devoted ReplayTV users who might be
interested in the hardware although at this point I doubt that many would be
willing to offer much money.

They don't do UPnP / DLNA but there is a freeware program, DVArchive, which
can both download shows from ReplayTV units and act as a server to stream
shows to them -- if you have MythTV shows in mpeg2 format you could probably
import them into DVArchive for playback on ReplayTV though I think you would
have to supply some metadata files for the import so some sort of
translation would be needed -- unless someone has already done the leg-work
it might not be worth the effort given that they don't support HD.  Also, as
designed, they have limited functionality unless they are activated and
connect frequently with the service provider's program-guide servers (which
requires a subscription fee if they don't have lifetime activation).  There
is also a freeware program (WIRNS) which will let one bypass the mother-ship
and create one's own program-guide server.

Used with the service, they are a pretty nice DVR for SD, analog feeds.
Since my Myth box frequently fails to record shows, I use mine as a backup
for some shows I want to be sure not to miss, since they are rock-solid
reliable.  I've thought about trying to integrate them into my MythTV system
somehow but I only have one TV so I don't have any use for an additional
front-end - certainly not an SD Front-end.  It would be nice if I could
integrate my recordings into MythTV and use one front-end, but the interface
for viewing non-Myth videos isn't all that attractive.

- Les

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