[mythtv-users] No Audio on Music

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Tue Aug 30 03:54:28 UTC 2011

> Sometimes when I enter MythMusic, there is no music played.  I can skip
> through songs (and other times can't).  Sometimes I'm able to back out of
> MythMusic and start again, then music starts playing.  Other times, I have
> to kill the FE.  Unfortunately, I don't have any logs as I'm never sure
> when
> this will happen.  If no one else has seen this error, then feel free to
> ignore this email.
> Also, I recall reading that upgrading to Natty was causing some people
> issues.  I'm running MythBuntu with JYAs repo.  Are people still having
> issues?  Thanks!
> Jim

I've found that trying to play wave files with unusual sample rates causes
the audio to disappear until I exit the plugin and come back in. I know a
couple of short files at 8k rate cause this problem. None of the mp3 files
or 44.1k rate wave files have an issue.

All worked fine under 0.23, its only 0.24 I have had a problem with...

Robin Gilks

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