[mythtv-users] Network affecting standalone mbe/fe?

Clay ctmythtv at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 29 00:54:16 UTC 2011

Richard Morton wrote:
> Are you connecting to the backend via a static ip address, hostname or on
> the loopback ( Loopback should work but if your network
> connection dies to the pc the network card setup loses its ip address cause
> the network card could think the cable is disconnected. It depends on the
> type of failure you are seeing?
> Please excuse brevity and pistakes this email was composed on a mobile
> phone.
> Thanks and best regards,
> Richard

Interesting thought. Evidently I'm connecting via static IP.
A quick test, unplugging the LAN, confirms your theory. Connection lost. 
Plug it back in, back to normal.
I'm using a slave FE so loopback is not an option.
I've never understood FQDN or been able to successfully create one and 
use it to connect to Myth or other computers.
Apparently it's time to learn.
Thanks for the education!

2011-08-22 12:54:13.588 QMulticastSocket: setsockopt - IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP 
QSqlQuery::exec: database not open
2011-08-22 12:56:30.111 No error type from QSqlError?  Strange...
QSqlQuery::prepare: database not open
2011-08-22 12:56:30.161 Error preparing query: SELECT chanid, starttime, 
lastupdatetime, recusage, hostname FROM inuseprograms
2011-08-22 12:56:30.161 No error type from QSqlError?  Strange...
2011-08-22 12:56:30.162 Unable to connect to database!
2011-08-22 12:56:30.162 Driver error was [1/2003]:
QMYSQL: Unable to connect
Database error was:
Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (101)

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