[mythtv-users] Just upgraded to pre-alpha, not yet finished thing that will become 0.25 with mixed results.

Douglas Peale Douglas_Peale at comcast.net
Wed Aug 24 03:34:56 UTC 2011

On 08/14/2011 03:12 PM, Douglas Peale wrote:
> I happen to notice a new menu item today: Applications->Sound & Video->gxvattr
> It opens in a tall skiny window  (much taller than my 2500x1600 screen) with a single tab labeled Radeon Textured Video.
> In this window the items
> XV_SYNC checkbox,
> XV_BRIGHTNESS numerical scroll bar
> XV_CONTRAST numerical scroll bar
> XV_SATURATION numerical scroll bar
> XV_HUE numerical scroll bar
> XV_COLORSPACE checkbox
> XV_CRTC numerical scroll bar
> are repeated 16 times
> All numerical scroll bars defaulted to zero except XV_HUE which defaulted to -1000, and XV_CRTC which defaulted to -1
> Changing the XV_HUE to zero fixed the color problem in myth TV using xvblit, Unfortunately, it does not stay that way.
> This does mean that I can now use the not yet finished thing that will become mythTV 0.25 to watch recordings.
> Reasons to not try the thing that will become mythTV 0.25 yet:
> You will piss off the developers if you do so and report about it.
> Susceptible to zero length failed recordings.
> "Watch TV" fails until the backend has been stopped and restarted.
> Some versions of the daily build will cause segmentation faults or fail in other odd ways.
> Just to be clear here, I am not asking for help with these issues. I am watching the development of 0.25 from the peanut gallery
> for my own amusement.
> I posted because I thought my discovery of the XV_HUE defaulting to -1000 might possibly be useful to the developers. They are
> free to ignore me if they like.
Sometimes it takes me a while to work things out.

Tonight it occurred to me that perhaps there were some user settings in MythTV 0.25 for hue that got screwed up.
I had never adjusted the video settings before because they were always right before.
Anyway, I found the hue setting was at zero, I set it to 50%, and video is working again at least as well as it was in 0.24
(still tearing, but that I'm sure is a driver issue).

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