[mythtv-users] Combined BE\FE (Sandy Bridge)

Andrew Barbaccia andrew.barbaccia at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 23:40:41 UTC 2011

I recently saw these from ASRock, but they are not available in the US yet
(no pricing or performance reviews). Seems like they might make a pretty
capable sandy bridge FE / BE with room for an additional HDD. I like how the
remote IR is integrated into the case - I dislike having the dongle sitting
on my TV cart.

(click product specs, then CoreHT-231D)

For those with a SB processor, what deinterlacing options are available at
this point? I've read a few different reports of VA-API support existing,
but no deinterlacing. Does that mean playback is handled by hardware but
software still does all decoding?


Andrew Barbaccia*
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