[mythtv-users] Best way to integrate a Netflix feed into Myth ?

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue Aug 23 21:21:21 UTC 2011

On 11-08-23 04:40 PM, Eric Sharkey wrote:

Again, please remember, this is in regards to the "intent" discussion...

> When an institution rents or lends copies of a work, it must own one
> copy for each one being rented.  For popular works, it will need to
> purchase many copies in order to simultaneously loan/rent enough
> copies to satisfy demand.


> The behavior above reduces pressure on the
> copy owner to acquire a large number of copies of the work, and as
> such this fails a fair use defense.

That's assuming I didn't rent (and rip for "time-shifting") during the
time I intended to watch it but didn't manage-to watch what I rented.
Put another way, if I rented at 5pm on Friday night intending to watch
on Friday night (or Saturday morning for that matter) but didn't manage
to and instead ripped it and end up watching it Monday at 10am, my
intent was still pure.

My intent would only be impure if I specifically rented during a time I
knew contention would be low with an intent to watch it Friday night.

Of course, this whole discussion on "intent" is a red-herring since
people are rarely judged on intent.  But I didn't start this discussion
on intent -- I just commented on the original discussion.


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