[mythtv-users] Best way to integrate a Netflix feed into Myth ?

Mark D. Montgomery II techiem2 at techiem2.net
Tue Aug 23 18:15:48 UTC 2011


Since we're on the topic of streaming to multiple TVs at once (with or  
without myth involved), here's what I have setup right now:

At our family TV I have a PS3, Wii, and Boxee Box (really nice Netflix  
app btw).
The PS3 and Boxee are hooked up to inputs 1 and 2 of a 4x4 HDMI matrix switch:

Outputs 1 and 2 go to HDMI Ports on the TV.
Output 4 of the switch goes to an HDMI over Ethernet extender:
(not sure if this is the exact one I have, but I think so)

In my room I have a 4 port HDMI switch feeding my wall monitor.
One input has my Gaming/Mythtv box, one input has the output of the  
HDMI over over ethernet line.

I have the HDMI Matrix Switch configured as follows:
Output 1 feeds input 1 (PS3 to TV)
Output 2 feeds input 2 (Boxee to TV)
Output 4 feeds input 1 by default (PS3 to my room) - changeable by a  
press of a button on the matrix switch remote.

This allows me to use either the PS3 or the Boxee in my room with the  
press of a button, so if someone is using the PS3 or Boxee on the main  
TV, I can see what is going on on my monitor as well, or use the other  
device, or use a device when someone is watching TV out there (the  
usual case).

So for someone wanting to watch the output of an HDMI outputting Blu  
Ray/Boxee/Roku/whatever, they could just get all the TVs hooked up to  
the matrix switch and configure it to feed the device to whichever  
outputs they want.

Not as ideal as having all the signals go directly to myth frontends  
on all the tvs via the myth backend, since you'd have to change the  
hdmi source to the one coming from the switch, but you don't have to  
mess with trying to figure out how to get all those signals into and  
out of myth.

Mark II

Mark D. Montgomery II
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