[mythtv-users] MySQL server Crashed and lost shows

Craig Van Tassle craig at codestorm.org
Tue Aug 23 12:59:35 UTC 2011

On Tue, 23 Aug 2011 15:21:02 +1000
Anthony Giggins <seven at seven.dorksville.net> wrote:

> neither of these are supported but....
> You could also take a look at Mythmediamonitor
> http://nowsci.com/mythmediamonitor
> when I had a harddrive crash and lost my database I ended up manually
> inserting the missing recordings as I only had a backup from 3 months
> prior :(

Ouch I've been there done that. That is why I setup a good backup that
I dont really have to think about. It works WONDERS! Contact me off
list if you want to know what I use. I actually use the same system at
work, just scaled up quite a bit.

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