[mythtv-users] git master python bindings don't work for me

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Sun Aug 21 21:26:34 UTC 2011

On 8/21/2011 16:56, Ryan Patterson wrote:
> But if I run the command
> '/usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ttvdb.py -l en -M Macross
> Zero', I get the following error message. . .
>> The modules tvdb_api.py (v1.0.0 or greater), tvdb_ui.py, tvdb_exceptions.py and cache.py.
>> They should have been installed along with the MythTV python bindings.
>> Error:(No viable database module found.)

Upstream error.  Won't fix.

Python 2.7 made some changes to the database architecture, meaning 
MySQLdb 1.2.2 will not work.  MySQLdb 1.2.3 was released to correct for 
this.  The configure script only checks for the existence of the module 
and pass, while the bindings themselves check the actual version, detect 
the faulty module, and refuse to run.

The Ubuntu packages managed to transcend all reason, and instead of 
simply using the new version, they backported the fixes and stuck with 
the 1.2.2 version number.  Mythbuntu patches this check out of the 
bindings, to allow them to work.

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