[mythtv-users] CableCard and FIOS

Billy Macdonald toastyfries at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 21 18:49:33 UTC 2011

     After getting back into the MythTV lists I've noticed that the HDHR Prime is out and works with MythTV for any copy-freely channels.  My understanding is that FIOS (Massachusetts) currently has most of the non premium channels as copy-freely.  My fear is to invest in the HDHR Prime and then have FIOS cut its legs out from under me in the future.  I know none of us can guarantee anything there to the best of my knowledge, but are there any statements from Verizon on what they plan to keep copy-freely vs. other more restrictive settings?
     But then I got to thinking, FIOS has their multiroom DVR package.  How is it that they can have any shows that aren't "copy-freely" transmitted to other TVs, but MythTV, Tivo, and even Windows Media Center cannot do the same?  It just feels like the purpose of CableCards was to level the playing field, but by the cable company's own stb boxes ignoring some of the copy protection settings aren't they in violation of their own terms in a sense?

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