[mythtv-users] Accurate recording based on EIT p/f

"Per J. Frøysa" per.froysa at broadpark.no
Sat Aug 20 12:19:09 UTC 2011

I am loosing recordings because of changes in transmission time due to
sport or news events.
I am using DVB-T in Norway. EIT is obtained via DVB-T.

I found a paper on this topic that says (briefly):

/6.1.1 Accurate Recording

Accurate Recording -- the accuracy of recording is done by controlling
the start and stopping information based on EIT.
Managing the exact time for recording a program is done by starting and
stop time driven by EIT p/f (present and following or sometimes called
now and next information) with reference to EIT schedule information.
The NorDig accurate recording of a program begins when the chosen
program is included the EIT present table and stops when the chosen
program is no longer in EIT present table (typically the EIT present
table is shift to include next program).
The reference in the EIT p/f and EIT schedule for each program is DVB
Event Id and programming CRID. Booking (ie when the user programs the
PVR to make a recordings of a event/program) of a program via the EIT
schedule information is stored in the PVR receiver.
When CID (Content Identifier Descriptor) for a program / event is
included in the EIT p / f, the NorDig PVR uses the CID as a reference
for the same event in the EIT schedule. A broadcast may split a program
into several parts in its broadcast and still signalize as they are
parts of the same program for the PVR, see chapter split records./

Where can I look (in what files) to find the current coding that
extracts the EPG?
Is the P/F info in use?

Per Frøysa

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