[mythtv-users] MythTV dependencies and Ron's Ceton patch

Ken Truesdale kat at tiac.net
Wed Aug 17 20:28:45 UTC 2011

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> From: Ronald Frazier <ron at ronfrazier.net>
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> What issues are you running into? I've searched your recent posts, but
> unless I've missed it, I haven't seen you post anything about it.

Ron, thanks for your help.  For the benefit of everyone else, the problem turned out to be really simple: disk space - I didn't have much left.  Cleared out some old recordings and the Ceton tuning problem went away.  

I'm not sure why this would impact the Ceton and not my HDHR tuners but it doesn't really matter - the disk shouldn't be full, anyway.  It's only that trying to diagnose the problem was tricky since apparently the disk has been full for a while and MythTV has just been discarding old stuff and making room for new as it needs to without any intervention from me.  So since everything else seemed operational, I didn't think to look at disk.  And therefore, this post is for anyone else that gets weird tuner issues with their Ceton (or perhaps with other tuners?) that it might be wise to do a quick "df -h" and see what you're working with.  Probably not your issue, but it sure is easy to check it and would have been a lot easier for me to have started with that!  

A complicating factor was the bug with the jump file error.  I didn't know about that bug and when I got it, I thought it was another symptom of the Ceton not working.  Turns out it is a known bug ( http://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/9177 ) and that I just needed to switch to the HDHR tuner when I hit it before switching back to the Ceton.  And besides, it really only seems to impact WatchTV and not recordings, so probably not something I'll need to worry about in practice.  

I'm looking forward to setting up recordings firewire STB free!  Thanks for everything, Ron!!!


P.S. - I also used Ron's CCI scanner and found a number of improperly flagged channels.  So I still have a Comcast ordeal waiting for me but that's for another post.  

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