[mythtv-users] Long time Mythwelcome bugs?

Thomas Boehm mythtv-users at lists.boehmi.net
Wed Aug 17 20:21:40 UTC 2011

Douglas Mackay wrote:
> mythwelcome / mythshutdown has a fixed 15 minute window that won't
> allow shutdown if a recording is about to start (or about to enter a
> defined wakeup period). And if the PC starts within a 15 minute window
> a wakeup time it will detected as a scheduled wakeup.

Can you write in the wiki article as well, that the setting for "Max.
wait for recording" in mythtv-setup has no effect if you use
mythwelcome. This will prevent somebody else from spending hours finding
the mistake if he choses not to use the default 15 minutes...


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