[mythtv-users] Fedora 15 gnome activities auto start issue

Billy Macdonald toastyfries at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 17 02:34:19 UTC 2011

Hey Myth Users.   So I decided to upgrade to Fedora 15 and the latest 24.1 fixes.   I see to have almost everything working and there have been some learning curves with the new Gnome 3 shell and systemd and whatnot.  But my last hurdle is when it auto logs in, the activities panel or whatever it's called is active.   I end up with mythfrontend running in a little window.  Once I click on it it goes full screen, but the dedicated frontends won't have a mouse to click on the window.   Anyone know how to configure gnome so that the activities thing isn't selected at login?Thanks,Will 		 	   		  
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