[mythtv-users] How is the stability and WAF of the master branch doing?

Dale Pontius DEPontius at edgehp.net
Tue Aug 16 10:53:09 UTC 2011

On 08/14/11 10:45, Neil Salstrom wrote:
> I've been toying with the idea of moving to the master branch (or
> v0.25pre as github shows it) because of some repeated issues I've been
> having with 0.24.1-fixes.  A majority of the new DVD's I get don't
> play correctly (menu issues, dumping to the frontend during playback)
> and now for some reason the front end is really unresponsive (press a
> remote button and it will lag about 3 seconds before slowly
> transitioning to the next menu or trying to play a .iso DVD from
> mythvideo will hang about 20 seconds before playing).
> I compile mythtv myself from git and my pull yesterday didn't fix any
> of these issues.  A few weeks ago I totally reinstalled Debian testing
> to see if that would help things.  These issues seemed to crop up in
> the past few months so I'm now compiling the packaged source of -fixes
> from the main mythtv website to see if the older version is a bit
> happier.
> That being said, how is master doing in terms of stability?  Is anyone
> running on their main day-to-day system and still has a happy family?
> If I could get a stable system I think I'd not touch it and let it be
> until v0.25 is released...

How timely.  Last night the DVD player refused to play the RifTrax
version of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" for my son and me, so we ended up
plugging in a mouse and using xine.  I also have a button mapped to go
to the DVD root menu, and I'm not sure if I've seen that work at all
since moving to 0.24.1, or if it crashes the player every time.

Fortunately for the WAF, most of what my wife does with DVDs is to play
Denise Austin exercise DVDs that I burned for her, and it works just
fine for that.

Suggestion:  When you pick "Play DVD" there's quite a pause, and you
never know if it's going to start the DVD or fail, and if it fails the
only notice is a little flicker, easily missed.  WIBNI when you pick
"Play DVD" it went to some other screen until either the DVD plays or it
fails, so there's better visual indication that it's doing something.

Dale Pontius

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