[mythtv-users] udev help

Tim Draper veehexx at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 08:53:28 UTC 2011

> >From this thread it looks like both drivers support the adapter_nr module
> option:
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/459843?do=post_view_threaded#459843
> E.g.
> options cx23885 adapter_nr=0
> options cx88-dvb adapter_nr=1
> in /etc/modprobe.d/options.conf (or other configuration file)
> Jens
> seems to work reliably this one - a few restarts proves it.

i tweaked it slightly though:
options cx88-dvb adapter_nr=0
options cx23885 adapter_nr=1,2

in my case, this would give the following results:
/dev/dvb/adpater0/frontend0 (Hauppauge DVB-T)
/dev/dvb/adpater1/frontend0 (TBS 6981 input1)
/dev/dvb/adpater2/frontend0 (TBS 6981 input2)

thanks for the input all!
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