[mythtv-users] User-definable Menu Option?

Thomas Boehm mythtv-users at lists.boehmi.net
Sun Aug 14 19:24:07 UTC 2011

James MacKenzie wrote:
> Is there any way that a user-definable menu option could be added to MythTV?
> So, here's the deal...
> I'd like to be able to add just one menu option to the system, which could
> call a script of my choosing.
> Reason:  I'm using wireless networking, and with the location of things, every
> once in a while I lose connectivity.  In order to get it back, I either have
> to wire into my Myth box and ssh over, reset, etc...or quit out of MythTV and
> run the commands, etc., etc.
> It'd be nice to just be able to use the remote control, go down to my "Reset
> Wireless" option from the menu, and voila...everything's working again.
> A) Is this possible?  B) Am I the first to be asking for something like this? 
> Not that I read every message on this list, but I haven't seen this come up
> before and I can't imagine I'm the first to want something like this. C) Does
> this exist already and someone's going to point me to a page and say RTFM,
> ID10T! :)

You could use irexec to run your script and define one (unused) button
or combination of buttons to run it.

Or you could define a user job which doesn't do anything to the
recording but runs your script instead.


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