[mythtv-users] Pandaboard frontend

Peter Buelow goballstate at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 16:48:50 UTC 2011

On 08/12/2011 08:43 AM, Jelle De Loecker wrote:
> Ah, that's a real shame. It would have been the perfect board otherwise.
> Op 11/08/2011 16:55, Scott Smith schreef:
>> Hi, i develop with the pandora hardware, which is slightly older 
>> OMAP, but similar design. The problem is that those video decoding 
>> claims are true if using the DSP hardware. In our case the DSP could 
>> be used, but you would also have to license the codec code to decode.
>> So while they may say its possible, in reality its not because there 
>> isnt a codec to use. This is the case with the pandora.
This may not be true for the Gumstix Overo board though. It is a 600 Mhz 
OMAP3, and it allows for use of the TI DSP code through a download of a 
proprietary blob. There's lots of traffic over on the gumstix site about 
using gstreamer and mplayer with HW decoding. And, while it's a bit old, 
there is also a mythfrontend build target.

Caution, I've never tried to use it for this. I have no idea how likely 
it would be that you could easily port the Myth code to decode using the 
TI DSP, as I'm fairly certain that capability does not exist in the base 
Myth repository.

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