[mythtv-users] User-definable Menu Option?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Fri Aug 12 17:56:55 UTC 2011

On 8/12/2011 13:43, James MacKenzie wrote:
> Is there any way that a user-definable menu option could be added to MythTV?

If you're talking about the main menu, yes.  The first two levels of 
menu are defined in XML.  There are a couple packaged "menu themes" to 
choose from, or you can write your own with an EXEC option that calls an 
external command.

> Reason:  I'm using wireless networking, and with the location of things, every
> once in a while I lose connectivity.

Well here's your real problem.  Run wires.  If you can't run wires, get 
more creative and run wires.  Remember, this is a static machine.  The 
only reason to use wireless is because you have a mobile device.

> In order to get it back, I either have to wire into my Myth box and ssh over,
> reset, etc...or quit out of MythTV and run the commands, etc., etc.

Could you explain this a bit more?  wpa_supplicant will automatically 
reconnect to an available access point.  NetworkManager provides a fancy 
GUI to manage wpa_supplicant.  In all of this, dhcpcd should sit in the 
background waiting for the connection to come back up.  At worst 
playback might fail dropping you back to the menu or playbackbox as the 
frontend reconnects to the backend.  If you have to manually configure 
your connection to wireless each time, this sounds more like you have 
something set up improperly.

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