[mythtv-users] LNB configuration for second DVB-S2

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Aug 12 11:08:53 UTC 2011

Josu Lazkano wrote:

>Thanks Simon, I just want to watch Digital+ channels:
>This are the frequencies:
>10729.00	V
>10788.00	V
>10817.50	V
>10847.00	V
>10876.50	V
>10935.50	V
>10979.00	V
>11038.00	V
>11097.00	V
>11126.50	V
>11156.00	V
>11317.50	V
>11435.50	V
>11508.50	V
>11597.00	V
>11626.50	V
>11685.50	V
>11739.00	V
>11778.00	V
>11817.00	V
>All of them are on the same polarization.

Polarisation is only half the problem, they need to be in the same 
band as well. I don't know enough abut sat to know if that's the 
case, but they do all appear to be in the lower end of the band so 
there's a good chance they are all available with the LNB set to low 

>I need to configure both devices with same parameters? I have a DC
>blocker to put on the splitter, is this necessary?

Probably, but the control signals are AC as well.

If they are all in the same band/polarisation, then you should be 
able to configure Myth by only configuring those channels. That way, 
neither tuner will need to switch to the other band and/or 
polarisation and it'll probably all work.

As a test for whether you have enough signal, it would be worth 
trying with just one tuner connected through the splitter AND a 75 
ohm terminator fitted to the other output to "soak up" the power that 
would normally go to the other tuner.
If you can do that and still get a picture then it would look like 
you have enough power and the splitter is passing the required 
signals. If not, then either the splitter is blocking the control 
signals or LNB power, or you don't have enough signal strength 

Simon Hobson

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