[mythtv-users] [Bulk] Re: An companion script for jamu.py

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Thu Aug 11 21:08:31 UTC 2011

On 11-08-11 04:23 PM, Epinephrine Junky wrote:
> The fundamental flaw with mirobridge is that I have to shut down Miro for
> it to work.  It's not clear to me how to use mirobridge effectively.  Start
> Miro, download content, close Miro, watch content?  What if something else
> is downloading in Miro when I want to watch the content that already
> finished?  To say nothing of the hassle of getting LIRC to control Miro
> start&exit.  My system has no keyboard or mouse so I start Miro in the
> background when the system starts and only shut it down if I'm debugging
> something.
Epinephrine Junky,
To use Mirobridge you set Miro to NOT automatically start when you 
computer is booted
(File->Preferences->"General" tab and make sure "Automatically run Miro 
when I log in" is not selected).
Create a cronjob that starts MiroBridge at a frequency that suits you 
(hourly, daily ...etc).
MiroBridge will automatically start the Miro backend, refresh your 
channels, then download any new videos
and mark any Miro videos you watched in MythTV as "played" in Miro. The 
only time you need
to start the Miro UI is to added or change your Miro channels.

You can even edit your Miro channels on a PC and export those channel 
settings in an OPML file
then import those channel settings on a headless MythTV backend
e.g. "mirobridge --import_opml=/home/usrname/mymirochannels.opml"

Basically MiroBridge acts as a interface to Miro and integrates the 
downloaded videos with the
"Watch Recordings" screen and MythVideo. You can watch Miro videos in 
MythTV while Miro is
downloading with out issue. See the MiroBridge wiki for details (the 
link was previously posted in this thread).
Viewing a Miro video that was downloaded by MiroBridge is no different 
than watching videos
you recorded in MythTV or added to MythVideo including using an IR remote.

Miro comes with a command line interface. MiroBridge modified that 
interface to execute Miro functionality
doing what the Miro UI normally does.

Here is an article that discusses MiroBridge and Netvision:


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