[mythtv-users] An companion script for jamu.py

Epinephrine Junky epinephrine_junky at beadon.ca
Thu Aug 11 00:57:07 UTC 2011

Raymond thanks for your response

> 0.24 introduced batch metadata scanning for MythVideo content.  0.25
> include a video scanner in the backend, and will expand that batch
> support to recordings.  JAMU should be considered an interim solution,
> has been deprecated by internal support for its capabilities, and has
> removed from 0.25 entirely.

I haven't been able to make the batch metadata work reliably on my system.
For instance if some process other than myth drops videos into my
mythtv-videos directory they don't show up in mythvideo.  Is there some
configuration setting that changes how often it rescans this directory?  Or
does that rely on a cron job or some other OS method?  
If I "scan for changes" from the frontend once then around 20% of my
previously available videos disappear entirely from my mythvideo listings
(they are still on the drive though) and then I "scan for changes" again
and most, but not all, of the time it finds all videos including the new
ones.  I got frustrated with this illogical behavior so I stopped using
"scan for changes" as soon as I found that jamu -MF was 100% reliable in
inserting new videos into the myth DB.  BTW back in .22 "scan for changes"
was 100% reliable I don't remember if it was .23 or .24 that introduced
this inconsistent behavior.

When "scan for changes" stopped working for me I spent some fruitless
hours looking for solutions or evidence that anyone else was seeing similar
problems.  However it seems like the (entirely justified) aversion to
discussion of your third option means that I couldn't find anything to help

> Second, you could be downloading content like Sintel, and other open
> licensed video, but in that case, release of such content is so few and
> between, its easier to just handle those individual files as they are
> available, rather than write any form of script to do it automatically.

I disagree, in my opinion any time I need to open a shell on this machine
to make media files work that is a failure.  For example Earth-Touch Marine
Channel HD (http://www.earth-touch.com/) is a monthly show that is
available on Miro/RSS.  When a new episode shows up on my drive I'd like it
to be available in the mythvideo listings.

Or another non-pirate option is my camera dropping movie files into a
subdir of myth-videos via eye-fi (www.eye.fi) card.  Sure there's no meta
data to grab for my home movies but I want them to be listed in mythvideo
as soon as they are uploaded.  The "scan for changes" x2 method is not
something I want to have to teach my family.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this without jamu?

P.S. speaking of failures what kind of dolt has a typo in his subject
line.  [hangs head in shame]

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