[mythtv-users] An companion script for jamu.py

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed Aug 10 20:55:27 UTC 2011

On Wed, 10 Aug 2011 12:58:06 -0700, Epinephrine Junky
<epinephrine_junky at beadon.ca> wrote:
> I think this code really belongs somewhere in the body of jamu.py but I
> don't presume to know what the author thinks about it. I'm hoping that
> devs will read this and comment. 

0.24 introduced batch metadata scanning for MythVideo content.  0.25 will
include a video scanner in the backend, and will expand that batch metadata
support to recordings.  JAMU should be considered an interim solution, and
has been deprecated by internal support for its capabilities, and has been
removed from 0.25 entirely.

> I have an incoming folder where new episodes of shows are put on my
> drive. Sadly the different series and seasons are all mixed together in
> that folder. That required me to run: 
> jamu.py -MF /incoming/series1.S01E01.blahblah.mkv
> /mythtv-videos/TV-Shows/Series1/Season1 
> jamu.py -MF /incoming/series2.S03E01.blahblah.mkv
> /mythtv-videos/TV-Shows/Series2/Season3 
> ... etc for each file that landed in the incoming folder. 
> Rather than typing all of that I wrote the following python script to
> parse out the name of the series and deduce the output path. I may tweak
> this to automatically put the season number in the destination directory
> path but at the moment I like this because I don't keep more than one
> season at a time. 

There are three possibilities of what is going on here:

First, you could be transcoding your recordings to matroska, and
outputting them in the /incoming folder with that naming scheme.  Should
that be the case, the simple solution is to just alter your transcoding
script to place them in their final location directly.  If you read through
the Python bindings, there are actually mechanisms to relatively easily
insert a new entry in the database for that video, and populate it with
metadata from the selected metadata scripts.

Second, you could be downloading content like Sintel, and other open
licensed video, but in that case, release of such content is so few and far
between, its easier to just handle those individual files as they are
available, rather than write any form of script to do it automatically.

Third, you could be engaging in activities frowned upon by the developers,
and banned from the mailing lists and IRC channels.  Please read the
mailing list rules (
).  Code that serves little or no purpose outside of assisting in such
activities will not be accepted upstream.

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