[mythtv-users] Cant tune SBS and Nine in Melbourne, AU with Hauppauge HVR2200

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Wed Aug 10 01:09:49 UTC 2011

On Wed Aug 10 10:00 , Anthony Hill  sent:

>Looks like shepherd works for me. (it took a while, so testing has been brief) 
>It seems I've got my EPG, I can schedule stuff, and I've even got shiney new
channel icons.
> OK - to summarize, I have pretty much worked around the symptoms of this
problem with  :-
>1) Manually adding transports
>Go to myth-setup, channel editor, edit transports, add a new transport for each
channel, and rescan. Details for SBS and nine are :-
>Freq: 536625000
>Bandwidth: 7Mhz
>Inversion: AUTO
>Mod: QAM-64
>LD Code: None
>HD Code: 2/3
>Trans Mode: 8k
>Guard: 1/8
>Hierachy: None
>Channel 9 (go gem and 9)
>Freq 191625000
>BW 7Mhz
>Inversion Auto
>Modulation QAM-64
>LP Coderate 3/4
>HP Coderate 3/4
>Trans 8K
>Gaurd 1/16
>Heirachy None
>This gets me the channels - but I still cant change to them - I never get full lock.
>2) enabling quick tuning
>OK, so now I can change to them but no EPG, so I dont know what I am watching,
and cannot easily schedule recordings.
>3) install shepherd. 
>Wow. I expected a 100 lines of perl. This sucker has more dependancies than myth
! Takes hours to run. In the end tho, it looks like I have my EPG.
>Thanks to all.

I'm going to mimic this process. If it doesn't work for my dvico dual fusion
express.. I'll have to collate some data for the media kernel list.... 

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