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On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 4:47 AM, Richard Morton
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> I think the op is referring to the network control interface on port 6546
> R
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Yes, I am referring to the network control interface on port 6546.  Guess I
need to pay more attention to providing enough details when I request help.

host tmp # nc localhost 6546
MythFrontend Network Control
Type 'help' for usage information
# play file /tmp/video.iso

When you issue this command the frontend changes to the main screen.  Is
this the expected behavior?  I am calling an external script in mythvideo
when playing a video and would like it to stay in the screen where I
selected the video instead of changing to the main screen.

I am using a recent version of 0.25 git on Gentoo.

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