[mythtv-users] MythWeb setup issues - New Issue, can't playback recordings

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Sat Aug 6 13:10:54 UTC 2011

Kris B. wrote:
> I am not even sure where to look for that - so we will assume no.


The modules I have listed that need to be installed:

urpmi qt4-database-plugin-mysql python-mysql python-mythtv

This is my Apache setup:

mythweb.conf goes to


The mythweb folder goes into:


I usually do a chown apache:apache mythweb -R

After investigation, things I can and cannot do via MythWeb:

I am able to watch recorded program via flash (needs to be enabled in 
I don't seem to be able to watch the ASX streams on my home system, it 
comes up as saying the video can't be found.
On my parents system, it plays, but this may have something to do with 
being an all-in-one system (FE/BE).
I can do a direct download of the video

Also, Information about storage groups:



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