[mythtv-users] Setup of VOD VLC stream

Stephen Atkins satkins at inetdesign.org
Wed Aug 3 20:59:13 UTC 2011

I started playing around with the idea of setting up a video on demand 
stream that I can play through myth.  What I was thinking was getting it 
so live.twit.tv was a channel in Myth.

So I found some docs on setting up a freebox and started there.  First 
thing was to get vlc going which I got to work.  It uses 
http://bglive-a.bitgravity.com/twit/live/high as the input.  As the 
output it uses 
Also uses sout-rtp-dst="" and sout-rtp-port="1234" and 

All of that is in a vlm file.  The command line to start this is:
sudo vlc-wrapper -I telnet -vvv --rtsp-host 
--vlm-conf vlm-file

So that works and I can connect to it from multiple hosts using:
vlc rtsp://

I then created a m3u file that looks like:
#EXTINF:0,1 - Twit

So then in the back end a created a new capture card using the freebox 
and pointed the m3u url to file:///home/tv/twit.m3u

I added a video source and called it "Twit.tv" and it is setup as "No 

Then I connected in input connections the capture card to the video 
source.  Scanned for channels and it came up with channel 1 (from the 
m3u file I believe).

I thought I was ready to go but when I try to watch live tv it doesn't 
connect to the VLC vod stream.  It just sits there and after 10 seconds 
(the timeout set) it says it should have gotten something but hasn't.

I'm sure I'm close to getting this to work but must be missing 
something.  Has anyone else tried doing this sort of thing?


Stephen Atkins

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