[mythtv-users] mythweb configuration on opensuse 11.3 installed from packman

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Wed Aug 3 16:26:31 UTC 2011

I've just upgraded from 0.21 to 0.24 and considering everything it has
gone extremely well, including running my backend in a xen para virtual

One of the few problems I still have is mythweb. I installed everything
from the packman repo. mythweb appears to be installed, it even added a
mythweb.conf for apache2 under /etc/apache2/conf.d.

It did not create anything under /srv/www/htdocs. From the other thread
about mythweb from git, I tried manually creating the mythweb structure,
restarting apache2, but that had no affect. 


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