[mythtv-users] Mythweb 0.24 data directory in git?

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Wed Aug 3 13:44:58 UTC 2011

> I installed mythweb form source (git, 0.24-fixes) and found the
> mythweb/data folder was missing.  I placed mythweb in /var/www/mythweb
> then created /var/www/mythweb/data, /var/www/mythweb/data/cache and
> /var/www/mythweb/data/tv_icons (I'm not sure if these last two were
> needed or not).
> I then changed the owner and permissions of the data directory.  For
> Debian the apache2 user is www-data.
> chgrp -R www-data /var/www/mythweb/data
> chmod g+rw /var/www/mythweb/data
> To get videos working in mythweb I made a simlink from
> mythweb/data/video to the drive holding my video files.

Thanks. Unfortunately did not work for me. Maybe I'll create a new
thread since our installs are pretty different.


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