[mythtv-users] !#*%& Cox Channel Number Changes

networks1 at cox.net networks1 at cox.net
Wed Aug 3 02:27:02 UTC 2011

For unexplained reasons, perhaps to torture MythTV users, Cox in Phoenix 
has just changed all their HD channel numbers from 7XX to 10XX.  I went 
into schedules direct and diabled the 7XX channels, enabled the 10XX 
channels, and saved the changes.  On running mythfilldatabase, it seems 
not to find much new.  So I go to setup.  Channel editor shows only a 
few of the 10XX channels, maybe 4 out of 30.  I cannot select the "scan 
channels" button under global options.  Going to input connections for 
Cox, "scan for channels" is dimmed, and "fetch channels from listing 
source" doesn't do anything.  Going to video sources and clicking 
"retrieve lineups" results in a slight delay (i.e. seems to run) but 
doesn't have any effect on the channels or listings.

Anyone know how I can get MythTV to recognize the new HD channels and 
throw out the old ones?  I need to get this working so I can then spend 
an hour or two re-entering all the programs I want to record. >:-(


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