[mythtv-users] got my Prime!

Don Lewis dl-mythtv at catspoiler.org
Tue Aug 2 01:54:23 UTC 2011

On  1 Aug, To: Discussion about MythTV wrote:

> hdhomerun_config_gui detects the encrypted channels that I should be
> able to see with the CableCard, but I get errors when I try to view them
> with vlc.

I think it was tuning in QAM mode and passing the encrypted data stream
to vlc.

My copies of libhdhomerun and hdhomerun_config_gui were pretty old.  I
upgraded both to the latest from SiliconDust and now
hdhomerun_config_gui doesn't detect any programs from the device with
the CableCard.  It doesn't seem to have any way of tuning the virtual

The channel scanner in the new version of hdhomerun_config doesn't
detect any programs, not even the clear QAM ones on the device with the

> The first real problem that I ran into with mythtv was that mythtvsetup
> only detects two of the three tuners on each card.

The version of libhdhomerun that mythtv builds is pretty out of date.
In the current version hdhomerun_discover_recv_internal() either gets
the tuner count from the device probe or fudges the value for older
devices and then returns the count as a new field in struct

In libmythtv, HDHomeRunConfigurationGroup::FillDeviceList() has a built
in assumption that there are two tuners.

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