[mythtv-users] Comcast CableCard Info

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Mon Aug 1 22:17:11 UTC 2011

> well, Comcast seems to be having issues validating my card.
> Card Authorization: Not Validated, Binding Authentication Complete,
> Validation Message not received yet.
> I've received a channel map, and I can tune the ClearQAM channels, but
> nothing yet for cable channels. The issue has been escalated and some
> folks in their "tech" department (I forgot what they called it) have
> been in touch. They know of the Ceton card but it's been a few hours
> with no change...

Ah, I know that message all too well. Welcome to hell :-)

I had a hell of a time getting past that message when I first setup my
ceton. I only got around that issue by throwing the card in my windows
box, resetting the configuration, and who knows what else. At the time
I had some suspicion that you couldn't properly activate the card in
linux, but since then one of the other posters here proved that wrong
by doing the activation entirely in linux, so that clearly wasn't the

My next guess (and my working suspicion at the moment) is the IP
address. Is your Ceton working on the default IP, or did
you change it to something else? If you changed it, I highly recommend
you set it back to the default and then have the comcast tech's in the
NOC or engineering department resend you the EMM (Entitlement
Management Message). This is the signal that tells your cablecard what
channels you are authorized to get.

The channel map is provided independent of everything else. I'm nearly
certain that I was seeing the channel map well before we got rid of
that Card Authorization message.

Also, what is your firmware version, hardware revision, and what
version drivers did you install? While it's possible one of those
could be a problem, I don't think that's the case. However, if all
else fails, make sure you are on the newest version (firmware,
hardware 4884, and driver 1.2). You can download them all from here:

Ron Frazier

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