[mythtv-users] Hiss intermittently replacing audio on playback

D. R. Newman d.r.newman at e-consultation.org
Mon Aug 1 19:47:53 UTC 2011

On 01/08/11 01:18, Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
> Hi
> On Monday, 1 August 2011, D. R. Newman <d.r.newman at e-consultation.org>
> wrote:
>> For the last month or so, I have had an intermittent problem on
>> playback. Sometimes, when starting to play back a TV recording, instead
>> of getting the soundtrack of the programme, I get a loud hiss. If I move
>> forward or back and then start playing again, it often picks up the
>> audio track and starts playing it. I do not get the same problem when
>> playing the same file in mplayer or Dragon Player.
>> Where should I start looking to track down the cause of this problem?
> Using pulse audio I assume?

Yes I am using pulse audio under KDE.

> A few options to get this pulse issue: use native Alsa. Use ALSA:pulse
> driver (which is pulse's alsa emulation).

Does that mean putting ALSA:pulse into the MythTV configuration?

> If you do want to use native pulse driver for some reason, change the pulse
> server sampling rate from 44.1kHz default to 48kHz.

Where do I change that? In /etc/pulse/daemon.conf? Or is it better to
try the solution mentioned at
(or even run PulseAudio on top of Jack)?

> For some reasons, when pulse have to resample to 44.1kHz, it sometimes plays
> a loud hiss.
> Jean-Yves

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