[mythtv-users] mythfrontend crash on normal shutdown

D. R. Newman d.r.newman at e-consultation.org
Sat Apr 30 21:02:29 UTC 2011

When I exit mythtv from mythfrontend, I often get a message popping up
saying that mythfrontend has crashed, exit code 139, restarting

This has only started since I upgraded to mythtv 0.24 as supplied with
the Kubuntu 11.04 upgrade.

In mythfrontend.log I find multiple instances of this message:

Application asked to unregister timer 0x0 which is not registered in
this thread. Fix application.

Note that I am running mythfrontend on a KDE desktop. It makes no
difference whether I get mythtv to use QT or OpenGL as the paint engine.

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