[mythtv-users] How do I disable a tuner

Bob Shanteau rmshant at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 18:48:23 UTC 2011

On 04/29/2011 10:14 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Capture Card order has no relevance to recording input selection order. Capture Card order only affects Live TV input selection order and /only/ if you enable, "Avoid conflicts between Live TV and scheduled shows."
> Input Connection order specifies recording input selection order.

Are you referring to the order of inputs on the Input Connections screen 
of mythtv-setup? The inputs are simply listed in order of entry in 
Capture Card. So how are Capture Card and Input Connections order different?

Tuner numbers are assigned by order of Capture Card entry, but not 
listed on that screen or the Input Connections screen. One can see the 
tuner numbers, for instance, in Information Center->System Status->Tuner 
Status. One can also see the numbers of the tuners not in use and the 
type of card in Watch TV->Playback Menu->Source->Switch Input. For 
instance, when I'm watching TV using my PVR-150 card connected to an 
SDTV settop box, I can see the tuner numbers and type of input for my 
Dvico Dual Express HDTV and my Firewire HDTV settop box:

C:1 I:DVBInput
C:2 I:DVBInput

When I'm watching TV using my Firewire HDTV settop box, then I can also 
see the PVR-150 card:

C:26 I:Tuner 1

If it's true that "Input Connection order specifies recording input 
selection order", then shouldn't a program set to record on a channel 
common to two or more inputs record on the tuner with the lower number?

I just had a problem with an encrypted Comcast cable program being 
recorded using the PVR-150 (tuner 26) rather than the Firewire HDTV 
settop box (tuner 25), even though the Firewire HDTV settop box has a 
lower tuner number. So I went into the Channel Editor and changed the 
priority for each channel in common between the two tuners so that the 
channels available to the Firewire HDTV settop box had the higher 
priority. That was about 50 channels, so it took a while. Please tell me 
there's an easier way to assign priority to a tuner.

Bob Shanteau

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