[mythtv-users] trandcoding messes up 6 channel audio slow audio playback

Scott Macdonell genius9976 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 20:17:05 UTC 2011

>>Should be fixed in master in the 0.24 backport branch...

>>It there are no problem, I will backport those to the main 0.24-fixes
>>branch ; but this will break plugin compatibility and everything will
>>have to be recompiled..


>Great, I'll test it out tonight or tomorrow.

It works. Thank you Jean-Yves!

Specifically, I downloaded the source from the github link you posted earlier and compiled it on the box I've been using for testing.

I then ran:

/usr/local/bin/mythtranscode --infile /pvr2/recordings/10181_20110427200700.mpg --outfile /home/scott/HDfinaltest.mpg --profile 27  --showprogress -v audio

It produced a file with 2 channel audio that played at the correct speed/sounded right.

Anything else I need to test?

Also, (this may be jumping the gun but) anyone have any idea how long it will take for this fix to show up in rpmfusion?

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